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Spiritual Wickedness
in High Places
From the beginning of time there have always been dark forces thriving among us. Ancient ancestors perceived them as evil entities, developing deep fear shrouded in larger than life stories of demonic possession by omnipotent mystical demons and devils with super power over mere mortals. This is not true, but these invaders are still among us. And are far more common as causes of depression, anxiety, rage, and fear in us, than we want to admit.

SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES is a nonfiction account of what these things are, why they are here with us, how we are made vulnerable to them, and what power we have to face them in combat of willpower and win. There are real experiences of people who have faced these challenges and won back full control of their life. This is a handbook of knowledge everyone needs to know to stay clear of dark entity attacks, and a grounded understanding of how to fight them off and why we should not allow fear to creep into our battle, if challenged to defend ourselves.
REVIEW - "This is incredibly interesting and relatable. I read this with deep recognition to the plight of some clients I see. Until now, as a hypnotherapist who sees auras, I believed I was seeing a kind of blister intruding in the energy field. I intuitively know its unnatural and needs to be released for the human spirit to be free to pursue its purpose, as it is covered here. I look forward to Richard's future writings as there is great depth that makes me want to look further into my own psyche."
Dennis Andersen - Quantum Path Radio

REVIEW - "I have read your book, not once, but a number of times. And, I am intrigued by it. It's a fascinating read and has many layers to it. I do give you credit for coming out about the "dark side" you experienced and how you handled it. Most people would not go public with that experience. However, by opening yourself up about what you went through will give service to those who are experiencing it, and are too embarrassed and ashamed to speak about it to anyone. The phrase "The truth will set you free" definitely applies here."
Stan Mallow - The Paranormal Show

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Mysteries My Body
Tells me
Have you ever wondered... Why Me? Why does my wonderful Mother, Father, Brother, Sister have to suffer such pain and illness? More importantly... is there something we can do to overcome this illness! Personal Purpose is real, and definable with mathematics. This metaphysical discovery uncovered such wealth of guiding knowledge in self-purpose that it can ensure success and keep illness from visiting our lives. This propelled research deeply into the possibility that our health is actually controlled by life purpose. Our health is not simply the result of random infections and broken body parts. We begin immune and locked away from disorder until circumstances provide the stressors that unlocks us, to allow illness.

MYSTERIES MY BODY TELLS ME is your discovery of how to overcome illness or help others with powerful new body-mind tools to defeat pain and suffering in their lives. The result of more than two decades of research in the study of medical meaning for pain and suffering that empowers us to overcome illness. Every body part, symptom, and disease tells us a story of different kinds of life imbalances that we need to resolve. The body is consistent in its guidance, every symptom felt, from a twinge of pain to a more major disorder it telling us to do something; like go back and make that last left turn into a right turn. Its the meaning of health that points us toward finding the right life issues that need our attention. It enables positive proactive steps to change our experience of life to regain vitality, success and healthy body balance.

REVIEW - "This is a compelling body of knowledge that builds profound and useful health and healing wisdom into the new breakthrough science of Epigenetics. This is where the latest cellular biology research is proving that body cells adapt to conscious thought. This work on the Meaning of Health may very well become the cornerstone of 23rd century medicine."
David March - Medical Frontiers

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The Awakening Journey
This is an exciting look in the metaphysical mirror for mankind, exposing knowledge that will empower your future. It is a book of deep insight that will benefit every human, regardless of age, sex, or religious background. As a fast paced and concise look at important hidden knowledge of human life in this dimension, (past, present, and future), it will marvel many and add missing wisdom for others. This work draws various unrelated scientific, medical and spiritual research together to build upon and complete the bigger picture of our more than physical puzzle of life.

THE AWAKENING JOURNEY is a treasure chest of personal insight for everyone who desires peace and comfort in their lives as the third millennium unfolds before us. You will begin to see untapped natural abilities in a very different, more empowered way. In an overview of the positive polarity of true self this work uncovers the path to higher enlightenment that is your birthright. With deeper insight into mankind's past and present condition there is knowledge that is the power to take control of difficult challenges in your future. And most importantly this is the path to peace through the unsettling events to come. Understanding is empowerment, take it and find your peace!

REVIEW - "I believe your book is important, since it reflects the inner thoughts of your process of enlightenment. Many will read them and relate to what you have been through."
Lee Carroll - The Kryon Writings

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